Gaynor Stickels Celebrant


Pagan and Alternative Celebrant

covering Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Northamptonshire,

Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, U.K.

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©2019 by Gaynor Stickels Celebrant.

About Me

Inspiring, Extraordinary, Fabulous and Extremely Modest!


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I am also the misfortunate owner of quite possibly the worst behaved rescue dog on the planet and have two cats that have come straight from the plains of the Serengeti, with their hunting skills!

The fact that I am a Gemini and a Solstice baby should not need much more elaboration on my personality! I have worked with incredible efficiency, in organised chaos for the last 30-odd years. On the flip side, I am a perfectionist, that must make sure every 'T' is crossed and 'I' is dotted.

It is with much amusement from friends, that I would describe myself as a "failed crafter". It would seem, despite attempting many sewing, crochet and jewellery making projects, my only true creative skill, (apart from using every pot in the kitchen), is writing!

I have a ridiculous sense of humour; incredibly vivid imagination and I am a die-hard romantic. I am also empathetic, efficient, caring and solid when times are tough.


I am a student of the Bardic Grade of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and an Awenydd of The Anglesey Druid Order. What does this mean to most people, especially if you have no religious or spiritual beliefs yourself?


This basically means that I spend a lot of time, getting very wet, hugging trees a lot, Creating amazing ceremonies and rituals and telling great stories like The Bards od old! My imagination is inspired by your story and the incredible flow of The Awen!

In my previous careers, I have been a Barmaid, Narrowboat Sales Broker, Nail Technician, Reiki Master Teacher, Complementary Therapist of over 25 years, specialising in Stress, Anxiety and Pain Relief and then continued to gain my Teaching Degree with Warwick University and became a private trainer to pass on my skills to others. 


All of these experiences, I believe, prepared me to take on the role I have now – to help others to celebrate and honour those remarkable rites of passage in our lives. 
I believe in total freedom to express oneself and embrace and accept all beliefs and love in all forms. 

My aim is to bring ceremony and celebration to all and wish to encourage as much participation from everyone involved. I will do my very best to make sure that when preparing your ceremony, the whole process is informed, relaxed, and as stress-free, as we can possibly make it.


I work with you to make sure it is what YOU want and will guide you at every step, to achieve that. Don't just take my word for it, please take a look at my testimonials from previous happy clients!

So please do get in touch.


I will always have time to speak to you about your ceremony. I will always strive to advise in any way that I can.

Much love to you and hope to chat with you soon.

Gaynor x